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Reset odoo admin password

Posted on: August 2, 2016


username@hostname:~$ python

>>>from passlib.context import CryptContext
>>>print CryptContext(['pbkdf2_sha512']).encrypt('PASSWORD')

Replace the PASSWORD with the appropriate password.

username@hostname:~$su - postgres_username
postgres_username@hostname:~$psql -t database_name
database_name=#UPDATE res_users SET password='', password_crypt='$pbkdf2-sha512$25000$U.r9H4Ow9l5LiVHq3dt77w$q0f2q/WcDLD3I8/KzB3E4TqJ6vaKIXqWySE8HyRCzJXbh4N8wZtcJjN2zPQ5337PYep6IFFIUeoshUm1beMifg' WHERE id=1;



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