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The Apache Tika™ toolkit detects and extracts metadata and structured text content from various documents using existing parser libraries

For more information follow the below link


Things to take care

1) Set the contentType on the jsp via

<%@ page contentType="text/html;charset=UTF-8" %>

2) Set this tag inside the jsp:
<META HTTP-EQUIV="content-type" CONTENT="text/html; charset=UTF-8" />

3) Add the below filter to the web.xml

<!– Ensure UTF-8 encoded pages so that certain characters are displayed and submitted correctly –>


4) Make sure the database fields have appropriate collation like utf-8, utf-16


Install eclipse and then

Help -> Software Updates -> Available Software -> Add Site

put in input field

check two checkboxes:

1) Subclipse

2) SVNkit Adapter (Important, the default JavaHL adapter doesn’t support SSH and public key authentication)

accept everything and install it

Verify the SVN client is SVNKit ->Window -> Preferences -> Team -> SVN ( select the SVNKit. in the Client dropdown )

Now checkout the project

Right click in explorer -> New -> Project -> SVN folder -> Checkout projects from SVN -> Next -> Create a new repository location

Enter the location of the project you’re checking out e.g.

Press Next

Enter SSH credentials.
next, next… and ready.