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There is a setting that allows you to set the number of words for the truncation location of the teaser. This setting is under Administer > Settings > Posts. The only problem is that once you set this, you have to open and save old posts for the new teaser length to be set.

Another way
Insert the following without quotes where you want to force a teaser break:


The statement will be hidden as a hidden comment in html and it will tell Drupal to break text where needed.


It is because of the  check box in front of the search box entry in the themes toggle display is checked.To remove this uncheck & save the configurration

Home  › AdministerSite building toggle display

To solve this problem first of all

  • open the category  manager.
  • Note the values under the   # Active # Trash columns.
  • If the values are zeros, you can remove the category and corresponding section.
  • Else remove the contents in the category with content items manager in the control panel / all content items in the content menu
  • If the values under the column # Trash is non zero, remove the items in the corresponding category & section from trash also.
  • For that open Trash Manager select & delete the corresponding items
  • Now you are ready to remove the category or section.

POSIX or “Portable Operating System Interface” is the collective name of a family of related standards specified by the IEEE to define the application programming interface (API) for software compatible with variants of the Unix operating system.

When uploading images or files by media manager, upload it into /stories/ directory then only you can access the images in your posts

Automatically checking a chechbox

<input type=”checkbox” name=”ch1″ checked>

Disabling the checkbox

<input type=”checkbox” name=”ch1″ disabled>