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joomla-1.5RC3 : Warning! – Failed to move file

Posted on: October 16, 2007

(1) Check the permissions of your tmp directory in the joomla base directory

give proper write permissions

(2) If you want to install a module written for the older version

enable the system legacy plugin


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Just to tell you that your tip is working !
Thanks Again !

I am very new at this and I hate to bother anybody, but I have just loaded joomla1.5 to a new site and I can not get any files to upload. I get the failed to move file mesage. I have enabled system legacy and checked permissions in cpanel. tmp directory permission 755.
In the administration panel, under INFORMATION, Directory Permissions, all files show status Unwritable. Do I have to change this and if so, how?
The files I want to upload are templates for 1.5 and adsense module for 1.5.
As this site is new I want to start with the latest Joomla package and add components such as Virtuemart. I would appreciate any assistance you may be able to give me.
My query on google brought me to you.
I hope you can help me with this.

HEY Buddy
search that site
there you can find solutions for all joomla errors
i hope that will help

I’m a noob at this –

I got one step closer by changing the ownership to the www-data user on my public directory where the joomla stuff is installed…. we will see if that helps. I’d rather do it this way than to open up 777 dir access in the /var/www directories.

Thanks I just googled the problem and you tip was the first result


Thanks for posting this fix – worked like a charm!

Hey man,
The new version of joomla “1.5” works very very good… but if we don’t now how use it, we will be a lot of problem.
You need to change the permisions to 777 or rwx on tmp and other directory.
If you do it, joomla will be fine…


I was trying to install a plugin the eQuotes component. So I made the tmp folder 755 and clicked install. Then BANG all my menus and content have disappeared from my site! Help please. Any ideas,? I am screwed!

Thanks in advance!!!

I’ve fixed it! Sorry to panic!!! I just forgot I changed the permissions on the modules and components folders too.

Sorry, wasn’t thinking in my panic!!

I wanna thank you for this. It’s work.
Thanks a lot ! πŸ™‚

Thank you! Your tip works.

Thanks for the tip. Saved me a lot of time !!

thanks.. it worked πŸ™‚

wont work for me please help..

Warning! – Failed to move file

problem no more – thank you thank you!

Hi there really Thanks Alot for this tip as it really works and i even went to joomla support forum but nobody came forward with to me with an answer untill i google search and saw your tip, thanks alot πŸ™‚ GOD BLESS U πŸ™‚ and i Thanks GOD FOR YOU πŸ™‚

hey guys
i ve stuck at the same problem im not able to install any components, or modules or templates…
it is showing me Warning! – Failed to move file unable to open the archive
i have checked 777 thing and even my Directory Permissions are showing as writable. but im not able to install any thing.
plzz any one help me out….

Just want to say thanks for the tips, It works perfectly.
For me, the problem is the tmp folder. I need to use the full path to the tmp folder in my ISP.


i was trying to upload a new templates for joomla 1.5 but i can’t upload bcoz there was an error stating “file uploads need to enabled” . This is not the first time im using this…before i can upload a new templates but now i cant bcoz of that error. Im just using it locally. When i encounter this error i dont have a internet connection but now i dont have…pls anybody could help me…


i could install visit statistics module after making tmp folder writable.

Thanks a lot


Thank you for your help


I did chmod 777 for the joomla base tmp. But it doesn’t seems works. Another error prompt me: Unable to write entry

I found the solution : Its to disable PHP SafeMode & Everything will work alright.

thank you


i was really stuck… And i was like =S then i googled it and found this you rock !!!!!!!!!!!

thanks for the ful informations

Thanks , it works for 1.5.8 too :))

Just as Niko said, check the path to the tmp folder in Global Configuration > Server > section: Server Settings > option: Path to Temp-Folder.
This should point to the tmp path in your Joomla! directory. On Windows it will be something like:

For me the problem was that I renamed the installation forlder and everything worked fine for a few weeks, until I tried to install an extension; forgot to update the changed dir-name in Path to Temp-Folder.

Thanks Rodric

I’d copied the site over from a server to my localhost and couldn’t work out why the new template zip would not work. Changing the directory path in Server Settings worked πŸ™‚

Thanks dear it is working fine now.

thanks a lot

Worked! Thanks.

Here my command

chown -hR apache:apache /var/www/html/joomla

Thanks! It worked πŸ™‚


Login to your joomla administrator panel.

go to Help->System Info
then click on Directories Permissions Tab and check which directories are still unwriteble, just set the permission/CHMOD to 777 of those directories which are unwriteable through ftp access.Now install any component/module it will works 110%.

Just Chill

In some hostings (like me, using netregistry, not Cpanel) change CHMOD didnt solve the problem. It’s solved by fill Global Configuration > Server > in temp path = [Root]/tmp

it works well
Thanks indeed

Thank for solution. I had this problem.

anyone knows why cant I change the folder permissions?
i change em but when i check it they are still unwritable. seems like its locked or something….

any idea how to solve this


The TMP folder answer is fine, but there may be another solution for those that have not yet got a positive result.

You will need SSH access to you server. Get inside your hosting directory. eg. /var/www/vhosts/

do: ls -l

it will give you the results:

drwxr-x— 22 YOURUSER GROUP 4096 Dec 6 13:14 HTTPDIR

Your HTTPDIR maybe public_html or httpdocs depending on your hosting provider.

What you need to do is make sure
your hosting user is also a member of your GROUP, if not do:


and then remember to CHMOD 777 YOURTMPDIRECTORY

Thanks the tip worked out

worked perfect for me..

i do it bot i cant install new component yet

Thanks for the post, it solved my problem easily.

i enable system legacy and change tmp file still got error

* JFolder::create: Could not create directory
* Component Install: Failed to create directory.:

Thanks Bro..I’m on my way

Thanks for help:)

If somebody want to see a more detailed solution:
1) Setting Joomla’s Permissions here:

Worked, thanks alot

hi if you have this erros just chane the promission in tmp to 777 and modul in administrator 777 and it will work if dont change evry modul to 888 i hope i i help you

Thanks, the problem was solved.

Helpful information. Fortunate me I found your web site by
chance, and I am surprised why this twist of fate didn’t happened in advance! I bookmarked it.

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